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Natural Springtime Wedding at The Villa

With Springtime coming up more quickly than we even realize, we thought we’d start this year off with one of our favorite weddings from last year! We’ve already mentioned before how much we love working at The Villa in San Juan Capistrano and we’ll say it again; WE LOVE IT! It is such an inspiring venue for a wedding and we always love being able to play off of it’s natural beauty in creating the florals for this venue. Katie + Chris’ Wedding is a prime example of how we accented the venue’s beauty with the natural look of ivory blooms, an array of natural greens, and the simplicity of succulents.

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Venue: The Villa, San Juan Capistrano / Photography: Leah Lee Photography / Florals: The Vine’s Leaf / Catering: Iva Lee’s / DJ: DJ Divel Entertanment

Summery California Backyard Wedding

We’ve been featured on The Wedding Chicks!!

We absolutely loved designing the florals for this bright, citrus colored, summery back yard wedding! Not only was it a beautiful California day, the colors, flowers, and decor were just so perfectly the epitome of California that if we didn’t already live in California, we’d totally be jealous of anyone who does! And not to mention, we got to work with LVL Events; it’s always amazing, we love them! The bride was able to hold her ceremony and reception at her aunt’s house in Beverly Hills and we were beyond thrilled when we arrived to set up; the views of Los Angeles were amazing from where we were! Thank you, Kristen and Tristan for allowing us to be a part of your big day!

From the Bride on the Wedding Chicks Feature:
Our vision was a classic, fun California Summer Beverly Hills wedding. I wanted to do something bright, playful, with a mix of rustic and modern touches. I wanted it to seem a bit mid-century modern Beverly Hills, too. I wanted people to feel immediately comfortable and happy when looking at the decor. My husband and I had been together for such a long time that all of our guests essentially knew one another, so I wanted to promote mingling whenever I could. That’s how we designed the general flow of the ceremony and feel.

The colors were like nothing I’ve ever really seen and it gave off this energy that reminded me of Miami/Los Angeles in the summer. With the help of all my incredible vendors, I was able to incorporate what I thought were disjunctive ideas into a cohesive vision that complemented not only the space, but my husband and me, us as a couple.


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And for future brides, we think Kristen summed this up perfectly: 

In terms of things I would have done different, there really aren’t many. I’m sure many brides say this but I would have slowed the day down. I would have taken notice of all the little things I spent so much time putting together, building, staining, designing, etc. I would have appreciated the guest table more, I would have eaten every appetizer we put out, I would have looked closer at all the flowers on the tables, I would have taken a close look at the cake. I felt like the day was such a whirl that I would have liked to have a snap shot of all these different little things in my mind!

To see the full feature, head on over to- The Wedding Chicks Blog!

Location: Beverly Hills, CA / Photographer: Adrienne Gunde / Wedding Planner: Heather of LVL Events / Floral Design: The Vine’s Leaf Custom Blooms / Catering: 24 Carrots / Cake: Vanilla Bake Shop /

Playful Coral and Turquoise Wedding

We had the pleasure of designing a fun, colorful, wedding with one of our favorite planners, Courtney from CCS Designer Events. Thank you, Kate Noelle Photography for sending these photos to us so quickly!

View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More:



Congratulations Stefanie and Enzo!

Venue and Catering: Old Ranch Country Club, Seal Beach / Event Planner: Courtney Broadhead, CCS Designer Events/ Photographer: Kate Noelle Photography / Floral Design: The Vine’s Leaf/ DJ: Elevated Pulse / Vintage Rentals: Found /

50 Shades of Gray Inspirations

Most of you have probably read E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey, and if you haven’t read it, we’re sure you’ve heard of it! When I started hearing about it and seeing it all over social media, I kept telling myself I wouldn’t jump on the Christian Grey bandwagon. An erotic romance novel including contracts and BDSM? Yeah, that didn’t sound remotely interesting at all. But, boy was I wrong! I ended up reading the whole trilogy in 4 days; couldn’t put them down! And with all the hype that the novels are, we thought we’d put together our own Fifty Shades themed wedding– what we envision when we think Fifty Shades of Grey.

Anemones are such an amazing stand-out flower. Their dark centers give a unique, and sensual feel. Anemone would be used as the main flower in this 50 Shades wedding.
Photo uploaded by Inspired by This.

We wanted to incorporate little “Easter eggs” into our overall theme. Like these wine bottles, sailboats and piano! Throughout the trilogy, Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele begin almost every meal or end every night with a glass of wine. I’d almost become a pro with different types of wine when I finished the trilogy! Using these candlestick and wine bottle pairings create a simple yet sexy look. Christian is often written to be playing the piano and at the piano is where he’s shown to be the most vulnerable, I had to incorporate the piano escort card! He also loves sailing, and in the books, Ana gives Christian cuff links he is quite fond of! Nothing cuter than these sailboat cuff links!
Left photo published by Sparkle & Hay Top Right photo by Open Air Photography Bottom Right photo by BHLDN.

I love love love the Vibiana. Funny enough, I had my Senior Prom there and was amazed with how much potential this gorgeous building is. Lucky for me, it’s already dressed up in the purples I’d imagined for our 50 Shades wedding. It’s architecture is seductive and almost erotic, and it used to be a church(;
Photograph by Jon Kim Photography

Candles, black matte, and shades of purple make up the rest our Fifty Shades.. Intrigued? Click on our 50 Shades of Grey bundle and take a look at everything else we put together! Laters, baby!

Meet Maria

At the beginning of this year’s wedding season I was on the hunt for an outrageously talented as well as super excited new team member to add to the mix.  I was looking for someone passionate and ready to learn everything that there is to learn about this crazy industry.  I wanted someone with their own sense of creativity, someone who would learn from me, but also be able to put their own spin on things.  I found my girl! Maria is her name and Weddings are her game.  Maria is part of the design process as well as the event set-ups here at The Vine’s Leaf, but she will also be a weekly contributor to the newly remodeled blog! She will be posting on whatever it is that is inspiring us over here,  whether it’s a fun Board, a recent wedding that we have done or our most coveted bloom of the moment.  So here she is FOLKS…the amazing Maria Melissa!

Maria Melissa

I remember when I was the one reading blogs like this. The young dreamer at my laptop waiting to see what The Wedding Chicks were going to post next, clicking from vendor to vendor and planning weddings in my head. I was the girl with the parents that had the big expectations of me going to Med School or becoming a Lawyer.  At the time, a free lance creative style job was not in the cards, so I never considered the wedding industry as a career for me.  It was always a big dream, a “What if?” type of thing, until I decided to just go for it, 100% and to never give up or look back.  Which is exactly why you are reading this today :)

As a kid, I was a hopeless romantic. Every two week high school “relationship” excited me at the beginning and broke me when they ended. And with every new boyfriend came a million new weddings planned in my special “Future Weddings” (notice the “s” at the end of wedding) folder on my computer’s desktop. Planning weddings for myself was not only a hobby of mine but a way to bring hope to my kindred spirit after a break up. They included everything: vendors, venues, flowers, accents, accessories and a dress, a Vera Wang that I’m still in love with today. I was such a weird kid! I took a floral design class as a last resort my senior year in high school. I figured it would be easy and that there would be no way to fail it; I was partially right. For me, designing was a piece of cake– others in my class suffered. As big headed as I can be in my mind, I wondered how something so easy for me could be so difficult to others. Either way, from that point on I was smitten…my passion for weddings paired with my new found love of floral design had created a lover of all things beautiful…I fell head over heals in love with the wedding and floral industries, immersing myself into every aspect.

After multiple attempts at pursuing some sort of college education that I was interested in and passionate about, I moved to Texas to attend Wedding Planning classes (and partially to run away but that’s another story). Soon I realized after shadowing my teacher/wedding planner that though wedding planning was amazing, I wasn’t as passionate about it. I knew I wanted to work in the wedding industry but I didn’t know exactly what my role would be.  All the while, I still continued to follow wedding blogs and continued making floral arrangements as a hobby.

As funny and ironic as life is, I found The Vine’s Leaf and Aly when she became a Handpicked Vendor on The Wedding Chicks years ago; I swore to myself that she was the florist to bring life to my many weddings I had planned for myself. After randomly responding to her search for an intern, here I am now, The Vine’s Leaf’s new(ish) intern! Every day of work with Aly is amazing. She’s constantly challenging me and preparing me for nothing less than the best. I’ve learned so much in these short couple of months and can honestly say that I enjoy looking at my work B.A. (before Aly) and finding things I could have improved or done differently. My dreams are coming together piece by piece and way faster than I’d anticipated. And although I’m very much still following wedding blogs and planning a million weddings for myself, it’s such an awarding feeling to know that I’m now also writing behind the blogs I used to follow.

I look forward to chatting with you, entertaining you and hopefully inspiring you along the way!

xo, Maria