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New Life . New Beginnings



How I have missed you all! I am writing this little blog entry today with a very full heart that is in the state of major transitions.  As some of you may have noticed or heard over the past few months, there have been many changes happening in my life and the business,  with a big move, a new pregnancy and a very busy season filled with an amazing amount of weddings, that I have felt so very blessed to have been a part of.  In early August, we found out that we would be expecting our second little bundle of joy, Olivia Rose, who is planning to arrive into our world mid march of 2014.  With this new little piece of our lives starting to develop, I started to reevaluate where I was at in my life, what kind of mother I was being to my sweet little Ella and what kind of mother I would be to our newborn baby.  I felt a major pull in my heart to make some big changes to adjust to this precious growing family of mine.

This dream of mine, of being a business owner, an entrepreneur, has been with me since the very young age of 5 (or at least as young as I can possibly remember!).  It has been such an experience to grow this business, to watch it start up from a dream, in the most difficult economy conditions most of us have ever seen, into a real and tangible reality.  It has been incredibly rewarding, fulfilling, emotionally and mentally challenging, downright exhausting, and completely uplifting, all in one big huge bundle.  I will always be forever grateful for the relationships that I have made, the experiences that I have gathered, the knowledge that I have gained, and the strength and perseverance that I was blessed with to make this all happen.  With all of this being said, you are probably wondering what on earth I am getting at here.  With all of this (and way more) going on in my head and my heart I have made the decision to pass the baton of The Vine’s Leaf.  I wish I could thank each and every person who has ever been a part of my experience for anything and everything that they have ever done, from every friend and family member (most specifically and especially my husband) who has had to talk me off a ledge at difficult times, to every employee who has been there for me along the way helping with the workload, to every wedding professional that I have made a personal connection with, to every Bride who has trusted me and my team with her most precious vision, to every wedding blog who has so graciously featured our work.  There are so many people that I am incredibly grateful for their help in the building of this incredible business.  May these relationships continue to flourish in the capable hands of our new owners, whom you will very shortly meet. I hope to be seeing you all in the very near future!! It has been incredible!!

With Much Love,




We are Tari & Anne Lilly… the newest members of The Vine’s Leaf team!

Creative soul-searching prompted a divine meeting with Aly which ultimately led us to The Vine’s Leaf. The path was prepared and the timing was perfect for us to be involved. Inspired by the exquisite details of The Vine’s Leaf, we knew we found our platform to build upon!

There is so much exciting news to share, but first and foremost we want to say that maintaining everything that you have come to know and love about The Vine’s Leaf is our top priority. The design team has remained intact and will continue to deliver the same unique style and thoughtful inspiration in all of our wedding day decor!

We are beyond thrilled for the Morford family as they embark on their next chapter and feel blessed that our paths crossed.

Our new studio in Huntington Beach is sprouting all kinds of creative seeds of inspiration and will allow us to offer new forms of Vine’s Leaf loveliness in the near future. Check back for details!

We love everyone we’ve worked with and met so far and can’t wait to meet the rest of you!

Cheers to 2014!!

Tari & Anne