At The Vine’s Leaf, we obviously love Weddings and Events and we love making them amazing and beautiful experiences for our clients. We believe that every client is unique and every event should be equally as unique as well. We take the time to dream up the best combinations of flowers, fabrics, unique vessels, candlelight, colors and textures to best fit your vision. Building a beautiful event is a process and we LOVE to be involved in every part of
it. Whether you are planning a Lavish Wedding, an Intimate Reception Dinner, or a sentimental Anniversary Party, the service, creativity and attention to detail that you will receive will all be the same. Please read on to see how our ‘Creative Process’ flows.

Ashley Rose Photography

{No. One: Face to Face Meeting}

The first consultation, our Face to Face meeting, is where we sit down and get to know you, your style, your personality, your ideas for your dream event, your estimated budget, as well as the details of your wedding plans so far. We believe that the process of planning a wedding, especially the design and decor, should be a fun one! We truly believe that half of the decision to be made when choosing a florist for your special occasion lies in the connection that you have with them and their ability to communicate well throughout the creative process. With The Vine’s Leaf, pricing and budgets can always be reworked to fit what you need, but making the time that we work together as enjoyable as possible is what we truly strive for.











{No. Two: The Proposal + Booking}

After we have had a chance to meet and discuss your initial design ideas as well as the budget that you are looking to work within we head to the drawing board and devise a detailed proposal on how to bring your vision to life. With the proposal we include an inspiration board with images that allows you to see the vision that we have created based on the details that you have provided. The proposal is a set of ideas and options with a sense of style that can be created within a wide range of budgets. There is always plenty of flexibility in working with the proposals and we do everything that we can to make it best fit what the client is looking for. Usually the process of fine tuning the details continues throughout our time together. So, if you like the initial ideas and are excited and ready to move forward in working together then we book your day and you are exclusively ours.











{No. Three: The Mock-up and Decor Meeting}

So the plan that we came up with was fabulous. Now it’s time to bring everything into focus and to see exactly how everything is going to look. At this point we meet at the venue for a mock-up meeting, in which we will bring a sample centerpiece based on our design ideas thus far with the additional table decor as well as other possible options to discuss. We fine tune and develop all of the concepts with you until it’s just right. After the details have been decided on, the contract is simple. We have the items that we are contracted to bring at the prices that have been agreed upon. The Final Proposal will be the Official Contract with all of our choices and details included. All of the loose ends will be tied up two weeks prior to the event to ensure that there will be no last minute craziness; everything will be organized, ordered and in it’s place.











{No. Four : Wedding Day}

The big day is officially upon us! We truly look forward to this day {almost} as much as you do! We get the wedding day butterflies and can’t wait to get to that venue to bring all of the amazingness to life. We pride ourselves on being on time or early to every event so that everything can happen seamlessly on the day of. We are in full contact with the event coordinators so that you can completely enjoy yourself and this beautiful day that you have spent the last year, or so, in making a reality. Every detail will be focused on and fine tuned until the very last petal is perfectly in place.


Pricing can vary dramatically from one event to the next based on flowers, combinations of flowers, vessels, rentals, fabrics, travel and set up times as well as the overall depth of the deigns. We pride ourselves on being able to work with our clients and their budgets, directing them to the best ways to get the most out of what they are looking to spend. We believe that the best policy with pricing is to have open communication on what you are looking for as well as the budget that you would like to be within so that we can guide you to the most beautiful outcome possible!