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50 Shades of Gray Inspirations

Most of you have probably read E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey, and if you haven’t read it, we’re sure you’ve heard of it! When I started hearing about it and seeing it all over social media, I kept telling myself I wouldn’t jump on the Christian Grey bandwagon. An erotic romance novel including contracts and BDSM? Yeah, that didn’t sound remotely interesting at all. But, boy was I wrong! I ended up reading the whole trilogy in 4 days; couldn’t put them down! And with all the hype that the novels are, we thought we’d put together our own Fifty Shades themed wedding– what we envision when we think Fifty Shades of Grey.

Anemones are such an amazing stand-out flower. Their dark centers give a unique, and sensual feel. Anemone would be used as the main flower in this 50 Shades wedding.
Photo uploaded by Inspired by This.

We wanted to incorporate little “Easter eggs” into our overall theme. Like these wine bottles, sailboats and piano! Throughout the trilogy, Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele begin almost every meal or end every night with a glass of wine. I’d almost become a pro with different types of wine when I finished the trilogy! Using these candlestick and wine bottle pairings create a simple yet sexy look. Christian is often written to be playing the piano and at the piano is where he’s shown to be the most vulnerable, I had to incorporate the piano escort card! He also loves sailing, and in the books, Ana gives Christian cuff links he is quite fond of! Nothing cuter than these sailboat cuff links!
Left photo published by Sparkle & Hay Top Right photo by Open Air Photography Bottom Right photo by BHLDN.

I love love love the Vibiana. Funny enough, I had my Senior Prom there and was amazed with how much potential this gorgeous building is. Lucky for me, it’s already dressed up in the purples I’d imagined for our 50 Shades wedding. It’s architecture is seductive and almost erotic, and it used to be a church(;
Photograph by Jon Kim Photography

Candles, black matte, and shades of purple make up the rest our Fifty Shades.. Intrigued? Click on our 50 Shades of Grey Lover.ly bundle and take a look at everything else we put together! Laters, baby!