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{Valentine’s Day Delivery Shop}

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To celebrate the ‘Lovers of Love’ on their day we like to call Valentine’s Day we are offering a Valentine’s Day Delivery Shop!  This isn’t your typical Dozen Roses or “Valentine’s Mix”  Flower Delivery, folks.  We will only have the Creme de la Creme, the best of the best, top notch blooms in the house.

The process is simple, we will be hand-selecting the flowers to create these one of a kind ever so stylish arrangements.  They will be in a simple and classic white ceramic vase filled with a tasteful blend of garden roses, dutch hydrangea, tulips, anemones, lilacs and peonies.  Colors will be a dramatic and romantic mix of the most feminine hues, unless of course you prefer something different.  There are four different price points to choose from:

 $85 | $150 | $200 | $250

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To promote this fantastically special Delivery Shop we are offering Delivery in the Orange County and Los Angeles area for a flat rate of $20.00.  Because of the nature of our set-up we are doing pre-orders only.

*All orders must be placed prior to February 13th!

*All orders will be delivered on February 14th between 9 am and 5 pm.

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So this sounds great and you would like to move forward, you say? Good Choice… Just Send us an e-mail with your order as well as any special requests and please include the following:

Name of the Lovely Lady | Her Address | Her Phone Number

Your Name + Phone Number | And of course A Sweet little Message for your gal.

We will invoice you through PayPal in which you can pay with any major credit card. When your payment is received you will be in our system and your flowers order will officially be taken care of!

Happy Lover’s Day!!

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