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Garden Party

Alright Folks, here is an oldie but a goodie for the little blog today!  Since the update of my website I have been trying to get a few things that were lost in translation back up just so that they get the credit that they deserve ;) hence a few older posts that are being revisited.  This little lovely though has gotten a continual amount of attention despite it’s age, it keeps being reposted and blogged about so I thought it should get another little shout out from its creator! The simplicity and botanical elements make it timeless and versatile…read on for all of the details and how you can create the look for yourself! Other ideas as well as the full post is all on Wedding Chicks, also major Thank You to Lane Dittoe Photography for another set of amazing images!!

garden party decor

Are you looking to have a garden party bridal shower?

If so, we have everything you need and more to get your inspiration flowing, the supplies together and the invites out. Stay tuned, we will be providing you with do-it-yourself bridal party invitations that match this little number as well as what to serve along with how to design your beverage cart. Are you excited or what?

The Vine’s Leaf in San Clemente put this whole sha bang on and I must say she did a beautiful job.Lane Dittoe Photography took all the photos for your inspirational enjoyment. Stay tuned and Read on to learn how you can put this together.


You do not need to rent a fancy venue for your best girlfriend’s bridal shower. Ask around to see who has a cute backyard and you can basically do the entire thing yourself. This little set up took place in the backyard of a good friend.

Here is what you are going to need for the basic set up.  We will be showing you exactly how we made all of these arrangements as well. (as I said before there is more to come) but, this should get you started with in your planning process.

Supply List
1. Vintage Books & Vintage Book Pages
2. Set of white dishes and white cloth napkins & cutlery
3. Twine & Burlap
4. variety of pots and glass items for your arrangements
5. variety of herbs and plants

Plant List
Herbs: mint, rosemary, chocolate mint and thyme
Maiden hair ferns
Reindeer moss
Sheet moss
Potting Soil

bridal shower ideas


bridal shower ideas



Harry Potter Themed Inspiration Board

My good friend Courtney and I spent a lot of our high school days talking about two things: Harry Potter and Weddings. Obviously, the wedding half came from me, since I was.. and am still so obsessed! And although the two of us both shared love for all things Harry Potter, Courtney was the more obsessed one out of the both of us. For years she’d tell me that I’d be the one to plan her wedding and although she probably doesn’t REALLY want a Harry Potter themed wedding, I thought it might be cute to incorporate Harry Potter elements into a wedding a little more subtly. So, with such a huge phenom that Harry Potter is, how does one create a Harry Potter themed wedding without it being cheesy, nerdy or plain ridiculous?

By using books! The Harry Potter series has easily become one of the most influential book series of our generation. Using books create a vintage and rustic look. I’m obsessed with the way the pages cascade in such an amazing decorative accent to any room.
Photo uploaded by Equally Wed.

 One of my most favorite childhood memories included pretending to run through walls with luggage hoping to somehow end up at Platform 9 3/4. Although I was obviously unsuccessful, it was always cool to watch Harry and his friends run into the wall heading toward the train to Hogwarts. These amazing pieces of luggage remind me of the luggage Harry uses.
Pictured: Found Vintage Rentals

We definitely can’t forget about Harry’s owl Hedwig! Not only is this stationary adorable, Hedwig must be incorporated into a Harry Potter wedding!
Photo published by: The Wedding Chicks 

I’m too in love with this ceremony setting. From the first time I saw it on Lover.ly, I’ve wanted to somehow add it into the perfect theme. Hogwarts was mostly lit by candle light and although this alter doesn’t scream Harry Potter, I chose it because it seemed to me as if the characters in Harry Potter might get married in front of something like this.
Photograph uploaded by: Inspired By This 

Not only do these vintage keys look like they simply stated, belong, in Hogwarts, there’s a scene in one of the books where Ron, Harry, and Hermione have to catch the right key in a swarm of flying keys! Using these vintage keys as escort cards are adorable and subtly Harry Potter themed.

To see everything else I’ve bundled for this Vintage Harry Potter wedding, check out my lover.ly bundle!