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It’s that time of year again where we are booking up and filling in all of the weekends on that 2013 calendar with beautiful weddings! With that being said we are going to be super busy and are planning on growing our team again and need to find that fabulous new lady! We are on the lookout for a floral designer with some experience.  Experience can be at an intermediate level and we are very willing to train and teach our technique, but you must have at least one foot solidly placed in the floral world already.  Here are the criteria that we are looking for:

{1} Must be familiar with basic flower care, flower names, and general florist knowledge and design.

{2} Looking for someone who has a creative edge on their own and willing to bring their flare to the team.

{3} MUST be reliable, punctual, polite and positive, we like to be surrounded by Happy people over here and we like people to feel our positive energy when working with other professionals.

{4} Must be physically fit and ready to work hard! Florist work ain’t the easiest thing in the world.

Position will be part-time, Will be able to provide the wedding schedule that we have booked well in advance.  Designing days for Weddings are typically Thursday and Friday, delivery and set-up on Saturdays.

Does this sound like it could be you?? I am hoping so!! Please e-mail any and all helpful information as well as your up to date resume to {aly.morford@me.com} 

{Lane Dittoe Photography}

For the love of love!

This year I have been blessed more than ever with the most amazing clients, super fun to work with and incredibly grateful when everything is all said and done.  This year, we have really been honing in on our customer care skills and really working more closely than ever with our clients to make their dream visions into a true (and beautiful!) reality.  Dreaming up beautiful things and creating them is truly our passion here at The Vine’s Leaf, and I would do it day in and day out without getting paid a dime and without a single Thank You, but I have to be honest…getting an unexpected Thank You note in the mail or in my inbox from a recent Bride simply makes my day.  It just does.  I truly care about making it the best day ever for them, and to hear that I had a part in making everything fabulous makes every single bit of hard work, long hours, and multiple work weekends worth every SINGLE second! Here are some of the sweet notes that I have recently been surprised with from this years weddings…LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Aly, We just got back from our honeymoon and I cannot THANK YOU enough for the MOST BEAUTIFULFLOWERS EVER. You truly saw my EXACT  vision and executed it perfectly.  Everyone kept telling me how they were the most beautiful flowers they’ve ever seen at a wedding too!!! The colors could not have been more perfect, the flower choices perfect and everything about them…perfect! You really did a fabulous job and just wanted to let you know….VERY, VERY happy Bride.  Thanks again for everything!!

{Brianna, September 2012, Casa Del Mar, Santa Monica, Ca}

“Aly, your work is truly amazing!!! The flower arrangements were more beautiful than we could have ever imagined and went above and beyond our expectations!! Everyone is still commenting about the flowers and how they were the most gorgeous flower arrangements they’ve ever seen at any event!You have truly outdone yourself and we can’t thank you enough!!  We will definitely use you for all of our events! So ecstatic with our decision to hire you! Amazing!!! With lost of love, Matt and Ania

{Matt and Ania Fry, September 2012 L’Auberge, Del Mar, Ca}

“Aly, Wow! I am a bit at a loss for words as to how to thank you for the flower perfection for our wedding.  In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined my wedding flowers to look any more perfect.  Thank You so very much! It was a pleasure working with you and I hope our paths cross again sometime in the future.”

{Jennifer Andrews, August 2012 The Montage, Laguna Beach}

”What an incredible job you did for Trevor and Cate! Everything was beautiful-just how I like it! Every detail so perfectly executed-you have a gift girl! A big Thanks-I am still enjoying the last bits of flowers, I keep changing and pulling and reinventing new arrangements with all of the flowers.  It’s been a week and a half of flower joy around here…Grateful!

{Debbie Gjersvold, September 2012 George Key Ranch}

“I can’t thank the Vine’s Leaf enough for designing such beautiful flowers for my wedding.  The bouquets and centerpieces were more beautiful than I had imagined, and perfectly captured the feel I was hoping for on my wedding day.  Aly was incredibly helpful in coming up with ideas to tie together the different segments of my wedding, and she creatively suggested ways to use the ceremony and bridesmaids’ flowers at the reception to add to the look while keeping things within my budget.  Aly clearly has an artistic eye and a passion for her work, and it showed as she helped to make my special day even more amazing.”

{Mark Brooke Photographers}

California Wedding Day || The Look of Love

We are SOOO excited to announce that we are part of an amazing group of Vendors that are going to be showcasing their talents at The Look of Love, Orange County! The fabulous event is being put on by California Wedding Day with amazing vendors such as Amy Michelson, 24 Carrots, LVL Weddings and Events, Jim Kennedy Photographers and MANY More! Read on for the overview of the fabulous day and we HOPE to see you all there! Also, click HERE for a direct link to the site as well as the place to buy your ticket!

theLookOfLove OC leadbanner chuckjonescenter

theLookOfLove OC homepage Details RSVP new

Meet Maria

At the beginning of this year’s wedding season I was on the hunt for an outrageously talented as well as super excited new team member to add to the mix.  I was looking for someone passionate and ready to learn everything that there is to learn about this crazy industry.  I wanted someone with their own sense of creativity, someone who would learn from me, but also be able to put their own spin on things.  I found my girl! Maria is her name and Weddings are her game.  Maria is part of the design process as well as the event set-ups here at The Vine’s Leaf, but she will also be a weekly contributor to the newly remodeled blog! She will be posting on whatever it is that is inspiring us over here,  whether it’s a fun Lover.ly Board, a recent wedding that we have done or our most coveted bloom of the moment.  So here she is FOLKS…the amazing Maria Melissa!

Maria Melissa

I remember when I was the one reading blogs like this. The young dreamer at my laptop waiting to see what The Wedding Chicks were going to post next, clicking from vendor to vendor and planning weddings in my head. I was the girl with the parents that had the big expectations of me going to Med School or becoming a Lawyer.  At the time, a free lance creative style job was not in the cards, so I never considered the wedding industry as a career for me.  It was always a big dream, a “What if?” type of thing, until I decided to just go for it, 100% and to never give up or look back.  Which is exactly why you are reading this today :)

As a kid, I was a hopeless romantic. Every two week high school “relationship” excited me at the beginning and broke me when they ended. And with every new boyfriend came a million new weddings planned in my special “Future Weddings” (notice the “s” at the end of wedding) folder on my computer’s desktop. Planning weddings for myself was not only a hobby of mine but a way to bring hope to my kindred spirit after a break up. They included everything: vendors, venues, flowers, accents, accessories and a dress, a Vera Wang that I’m still in love with today. I was such a weird kid! I took a floral design class as a last resort my senior year in high school. I figured it would be easy and that there would be no way to fail it; I was partially right. For me, designing was a piece of cake– others in my class suffered. As big headed as I can be in my mind, I wondered how something so easy for me could be so difficult to others. Either way, from that point on I was smitten…my passion for weddings paired with my new found love of floral design had created a lover of all things beautiful…I fell head over heals in love with the wedding and floral industries, immersing myself into every aspect.

After multiple attempts at pursuing some sort of college education that I was interested in and passionate about, I moved to Texas to attend Wedding Planning classes (and partially to run away but that’s another story). Soon I realized after shadowing my teacher/wedding planner that though wedding planning was amazing, I wasn’t as passionate about it. I knew I wanted to work in the wedding industry but I didn’t know exactly what my role would be.  All the while, I still continued to follow wedding blogs and continued making floral arrangements as a hobby.

As funny and ironic as life is, I found The Vine’s Leaf and Aly when she became a Handpicked Vendor on The Wedding Chicks years ago; I swore to myself that she was the florist to bring life to my many weddings I had planned for myself. After randomly responding to her search for an intern, here I am now, The Vine’s Leaf’s new(ish) intern! Every day of work with Aly is amazing. She’s constantly challenging me and preparing me for nothing less than the best. I’ve learned so much in these short couple of months and can honestly say that I enjoy looking at my work B.A. (before Aly) and finding things I could have improved or done differently. My dreams are coming together piece by piece and way faster than I’d anticipated. And although I’m very much still following wedding blogs and planning a million weddings for myself, it’s such an awarding feeling to know that I’m now also writing behind the blogs I used to follow.

I look forward to chatting with you, entertaining you and hopefully inspiring you along the way!

xo, Maria



Harry Potter Themed Inspiration Board

My good friend Courtney and I spent a lot of our high school days talking about two things: Harry Potter and Weddings. Obviously, the wedding half came from me, since I was.. and am still so obsessed! And although the two of us both shared love for all things Harry Potter, Courtney was the more obsessed one out of the both of us. For years she’d tell me that I’d be the one to plan her wedding and although she probably doesn’t REALLY want a Harry Potter themed wedding, I thought it might be cute to incorporate Harry Potter elements into a wedding a little more subtly. So, with such a huge phenom that Harry Potter is, how does one create a Harry Potter themed wedding without it being cheesy, nerdy or plain ridiculous?

By using books! The Harry Potter series has easily become one of the most influential book series of our generation. Using books create a vintage and rustic look. I’m obsessed with the way the pages cascade in such an amazing decorative accent to any room.
Photo uploaded by Equally Wed.

 One of my most favorite childhood memories included pretending to run through walls with luggage hoping to somehow end up at Platform 9 3/4. Although I was obviously unsuccessful, it was always cool to watch Harry and his friends run into the wall heading toward the train to Hogwarts. These amazing pieces of luggage remind me of the luggage Harry uses.
Pictured: Found Vintage Rentals

We definitely can’t forget about Harry’s owl Hedwig! Not only is this stationary adorable, Hedwig must be incorporated into a Harry Potter wedding!
Photo published by: The Wedding Chicks 

I’m too in love with this ceremony setting. From the first time I saw it on Lover.ly, I’ve wanted to somehow add it into the perfect theme. Hogwarts was mostly lit by candle light and although this alter doesn’t scream Harry Potter, I chose it because it seemed to me as if the characters in Harry Potter might get married in front of something like this.
Photograph uploaded by: Inspired By This 

Not only do these vintage keys look like they simply stated, belong, in Hogwarts, there’s a scene in one of the books where Ron, Harry, and Hermione have to catch the right key in a swarm of flying keys! Using these vintage keys as escort cards are adorable and subtly Harry Potter themed.

To see everything else I’ve bundled for this Vintage Harry Potter wedding, check out my lover.ly bundle!